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By-Polls To Sylhet-3 Constituency Underway

The vote for the by-polls of Sylhet-3 the Sylhet-3 region, which was delayed two times earlier due to the rise of corona-related infections in this country is in progress. Starting at 8:00am, EVM voting will be open until 4:00pm this morning (Saturday). According to the report of a news report the polling began at 8 am, but the turnout at the voting stations had not been high in the early the morning. The four candidates in the race include Awami League's Habibur Rahman Habib Jatiya's Atiqur Rahman Atiq and former BNP Member of Parliament Shafi Ahmad Chowdhury, and Bangladesh Congress' Junaid Mohammad Mia. The number of registered voters in Sylhet-3's district is 3 lakh, 49 000 873. The voters will be able to exercise their rights in 149 locations today. It is believed that the Election Commission has taken all measures to ensure a peaceful vote. The seat (Sylhet-3) was made vacant following the death of Mahmud-Us-Samad , the previous Member of the cons